Reformed Reflections

New Testament Commentary
Exposition of the Epistle to the Hebrews

by Simon J. Kistemaker,
Baker Book House, Grand Rapids, Ml, 1984; cl., 464 pp.
reviewed by Johan D. Tangolder

When Dr. William Hendriksen died in January, 1982, he left behind a legacy of a thoroughly Reformed-evangelical commentary series on the four Gospels and all the epistles of Paul with the exception of I and II Corinthians. Personally I have found them excellent for Bible study and sermon preparation. Hendriksen had the gift to make complex ideas clear.

Dr. Kistemaker, who has been given the task to continue with the series, has proven to be a worthy successor. His commentary on Hebrews is free from technical language so that not only the pastor, but also the lay person can read the explanation of a text without much difficulty. Greek works, phrases and constructions are at the conclusion of each section for those acquainted with this language. Each chapter contains an introduction, comments about doctrinal considerations, and a summary. The practical helps, the poetry, hymns and psalms quoted, the sound exegesis, and the fine writing style makes for easy reading. I congratulate Dr. Kistemaker with this wonderful achievement.

Dr. Kistemaker has been a professor of New Testament at the Reformed Theological Seminary since 1971 and is chairman of this department. He was a home missionary for two years in Vernon, B.C., and then professor of Bible at Dordt College for eight. He is a past president of the Evangelical Theological Society, which he now serves as secretary-treasurer.