Reformed Reflections

Love's Complaint by Herman Veldkamp;

Paidela Press, Jordan Station, Ontario;
1980, paperback, 240 pages.
Reviewed by Johan D. Tangelder

Hosea, whose name means "salvation-bearer," proclaimed the Word of the Lord in times of political instability and moral decadence. Israel commits spiritual adultery. She goes after other gods. Hosea exposes her sin of infidelity. He learned through his own disastrous marriage and broken family life the sufferings of love. He sees God's suffering in having to judge His own people. How could a people without love to God still be His people? Hosea tells Israel, "You are no better than my unfaithful wife." Hosea's powerful message speaks of both judgment and grace.

Though Hosea lived in the eighth century B.C., he must get a hearing to-day. His times and ours are similar in so many ways. Rev. Veldkamp, a minister of the Reformed Churches of The Netherlands, had the gift to let the Old Testament prophets speak, in to-day's language, to both church and world. This highly readable, thoroughly Reformed, soul searching and mind stimulating work should be in every Christian home. It can be used for private or family devotional reading. Personally, I have found it profitable for sermon preparation. The translation by Dr. Theodore Plantinga is excellent.